Rent a server

Having a dedicated server to call your own is one brilliant idea . But combine that with our pro team and a few years of experience. Then you’ve REALLY got a winning team.

Yes. We know our web pros want it all. So go on and swim in the deep end with maximum customization, configuration, installation, and flexibility while our best-of-the-best tech team supports you from the side. If we haven’t reached Dedicated perfection yet, we’re pretty close.

30% of customers are web pros.

49 websites currently hosted with us.

6 servers hosted with us

Give us a call today to get on line within a few hours

Set Price server £50 per month

Set price setup fee of £29

To manage or semi-manage? That is the question.

Well, it’s not REALLY a question. Most of our customers go the managed route, which means we’ll help with virtually any technical or configuration requests you may have, excluding custom software/script installations. You can also choose between Linux or Windows operating systems.

But hey, if you’re more of a DIY-er or need more OS flexibility, we’ve got a semi-managed option for you too. In that case, we’ll handle any hardware, operating system, or basic configuration issues, then leave the rest up to you.